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Sunday, 23 June

The Industrial Development Division (IDD) is mandated to ensure facilitation of creation of conducive local environments to mobilise investment and activity that can create sustainable employment including linking the public, private and community sectors - To support industrial development capacity; Promote entrepreneurship; and Promoting and Developing SMI Products and SME Services.

The Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) under its Reform Program for Productive Sector Policy No: Trade, Commerce, Industries and Immigration mandated MCILI 14 Priority Policy Objectives (PPOs), in which the Industrial Development Division is implementing 6 PPOs:

I am aware of the many challenges confronted by the IDD in the past in driving the implementation of past AWP. Amongst many are restrictive measures that our technical officers have to put up with before accessing financial resources and expertise for technical assistance needed to assist in the implementation of the country’s National Priority Development Projects. Despite these challenges the Division places its full commitment and dedication on our part to fully implement its objectives.

We look forward to the spirit of cooperation that existed with our likeminded commercial divisions – Business and Cooperative Division (BCD), Marketing and Promotion Division (MPD) and Foreign Investment Division (FID). We shall appreciate the same manner in which they have responded to our requests in implementing our activities, particularly, National Private Sector Support and SMEs promotion and development. We will continue to share the respect accorded to us by our project advisers, consultants and counterparts.

We will continue to nurture the trust, confidence and cooperation existed between us, which we will also continue to advocate and promote it with our operators in the private sector. In our endeavours to build our nation to a new height of economic growth, it is imperative that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are supported to actively engage as a partner in this process.

Director Industrial Development Division