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The Division seeks to provide guidance and educational awareness to consumers on issues of interest and/or concern.

This includes the following;

Rights and Responsibilities

It is important that the public is educated on their rights and responsibilities as consumers. For example, there is a process established by Law where consumers can use to lodge complaints if they are dissatisfied with any products or services. This can be described broadly as dispute resolution through mediation, complaints resolution, redress and advisory services. Consumers are also educated on related issues such as food safety, nutrition/security, environment and standards of products.

Smart Consumer

Consumers are also faced with important decisions such as securing loans for a new house, vehicle or to pay for their child’s education. The smart consumer will take into consideration various aspects of their own personal life before getting a loan, which includes their own personality, affordability and capital. The Division continues to provide advice to consumers in this respect. An example of such advice is our ‘Be a smart consumer’ guide.


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