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InvestSolomons (formally the Foreign Investment Division) is a division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration (MCILI). The Division is headed by the Director of Foreign Investment whose responsibilities include performing the overall management and administrative functions of the division. InvestSolomons has three main sub-divisions, the Promotion Units, Evaluation/Registry Unit and the Monitoring and Aftercare Unit. The Division’s Director is supported by the Deputy Director and the Divisional Units’ staff members who are responsible for the coordination and implementation of the national Government’s investment policies including requirements made under the Foreign Investment Act 2005 and its subsidiary legislations. 
InvestSolomons, as the custodian of the Foreign Investment act 2005 and its subsidiary legislations, is mandated to exercise certain functions vital for the proper functioning of foreign investment activities within Solomon Islands. These functions are: 

  • Performing prudent advisory roles to the Government, Foreign Investors and the people of Solomon Islands on investment matters.
  • Executing Government Investment policies for greater economic development and social prosperity. 
  • Provide assistance to foreign investors on areas of investment application, processes, procedures and registration of investment activity(ies).
  • Facilitate and promote foreign investments in Solomon Islands
  • Evaluate foreign investment applications for screening and registration 
  • Monitoring of foreign investment activities within the Solomon Islands.
  • Register approved foreign investment activities.

As required under the Foreign Investment Act 2005 and its subsidiary legislations, InvestSolomons works to ensure that foreign investors abide by their terms of registrations when conducting their business in the country.


To be recognized as an effective and professional Investment Promotion Agency(IPA) proactively fostering new investment.


The InvestSolomons is committed to promote Solomon Islands as a conducive investment destination. We will collaborate with government agencies and stakeholders to provide up to date investor information to further create and maintain a professional, efficient registry system and data of foreign investors to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). We are committed to provide up skill training for our staff to ensure excellence and high performance in their work place.

Organizational Ethos

In fulfilling its Mission InvestSolomons will:

  • Adopt a high level of professionalism and integrity.
  • Be courteous and impartial at all times.
  • Comply consistently with the Public Service Code of Conduct.
  • Be prudent, transparent and impartial in all activities.
  • Adopt high levels of presentation.
  • Consider all stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Objectives of InvestSolomons

  1. To encourage and facilitate foreign investment in Solomon Islands through promotion missions, seminars, tours and dissemination of published information including on the webpage and direct correspondence with prospecting and current investors.
  2. To promote Solomon Islands as an investment destination to foreign investors through identification of potential investment opportunities and help establish investment projects in the country. 
  3. To ensure that all foreign investors operating in Solomon Islands are registered and adhere to their terms of registration as required by the foreign investment act 2005 and subsidiary legislations.
  4. To help foreign investors successfully establish their investment projects in any of the productive economic sectors.
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