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Sunday, 01 November

LEADER of the Parliamentary Independent Group Dr Derek Sikua warns government of mass invasion of foreigners into business opportunities which should be left only for indigenous people.

Dr Sikua said the government must seriously address this increasing trend to ensure indigenous Solomon Islanders are not denied opportunities which are deprived by foreigners.

Dr Sikua made this statement in parliament yesterday when Minister for Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration Elijah Doromuala revealed the list of reserved businesses for locals under the foreign investment regulation.

Mr Doromuala revealed that there were about 11 reserved businesses for indigenous people and his ministry would be expanding the list by adding another 16 business activities.

However, the Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal urged all leaders in parliament to work together to ensure Solomon Islands is for the indigenous people and not foreigners.

He said it is time leaders take the right measures to ensure our people are not slaves in their own land.

He warned that we cannot be spectators when Asian businesses continue to grow and rip all resources and make money in our own land.

He said government must empower our locally owned businesses so that our people take ownership of their country and resources.

He concluded his statement by quoting famous world leaders like the president of the United States Donald Trump, who boasted that America is for Americans, while Robert Mugabe reiterated on the same sentiments, stating that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans.

Dr Sikua then challenged all parliamentarians to must possess the same vision by ensuring that “Solomon Islands is for Solomon Islanders”.

Source: Solomon Star