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Sunday, 01 November

SOLOMON Islanders are warned to take heed of other countries’ strict immigration and aviation laws when travelling overseas.

Honiara International Airport Police Nelson Kalea issued this warning after some of our citizens faced court overseas for joking about carrying bombs in their suitcases.

Recently in Vanuatu, two female Solomon Islanders were arrested in Port Vila after they joked about the weight of their luggage to a bomb.

Both were not allowed to board their flight until they appeared before the Vanuatu magistrates court to face their charges.

A similar incident involving a local law student studying in Vanuatu also happened last month.

Reports stated that this student also faced court for joking about a bomb in his suitcase.

Mr Kalea said these incidents should be a lesson for all Solomon Islanders.

“It is also time that responsible authorities take up the responsibility to give awareness to passengers before boarding their flights,” Mr Kalea said.

He said many of our people are not aware of the International Civil Aviation Act, which stipulated that any words of threat uttered at the ports of entry or departure is an offence known as alarming conduct.

He said even in countries like Australia, people doing this are detained and faced court before they are free.

- Solomon Star