CHAINSAW owners and operators in Temotu province have recently completed a successful skill training workshop on chainsaw overhauling & servicing, and timber milling processing.

The training was held at Lata, Temotu’s provincial head quarter.

Facilitating the training was the Principal Mechanical Labour Officer Nathaniel Mara from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour & Immigration (MCILI).

This training was conducted based on a request by the Provincial Minister for Commerce Fisher Young.

The National trade testing & certification units-(mechanical section) within the Labour Division supports it with funding fromthe Ministry as well.

Mara highlighted the importance of the training by reiterating on the need for our rural communities to equip with the basic skill and knowledge to operate chainsaws, in order for them to better use it, with safety and care.

He also revealed that this workshop training is very important, since many chainsaws being distributed in the constituencies by the Members of Parliament (MP) were left idle for long due to minor mechanical faults.

Hence, through conduction of this training participant should by now able to use their chainsaws wisely and productively, as they have acquired the basic skills and knowledge to properly operate and fix chainsaws, Mr Mara stressed.

In addition, Mr Mara briefly revealed the basic part of his training as follows:

  • Participant identify main component of the machine using parts books;
  • Explaining theimportance of safety feature lock;
  • Participant informed of faint products by other dealers;
  • Participants display the assembling procedures;
  • Participant display how to dismantle the parts of the chainsaw;
  • Checking to display first side cutting angle;
  • Demonstrating  & display of setting first cut from the round log;
  • Displaying how to minimize waste from the round logs.

Mr Mara thanked Temotu province for their hospitality and cooperation during the implementation of the workshop training and also acknowledged PS and Deputy Commissioner of Labour at MCILI, who respondrfpositively to the need of their people.

Speaking at the closing of the workshop training Mr Young thankedthe Ministry for prioritising the training, as this area is mostly needed to up skill and promote rural dwellers to sustain their livelihood.

Word of thanks was also extended to Permanent Secretary of the Commerce Ministry George Kosui & deputy commissioner & assistant deputy commissioner for supporting such training, acknowledging that without their kind understanding the training will not happen.

Mr Young thanked the Temotu assembly for the generous support.

- Solomon Star